Caio Induscar, a bus manufacturer, leader in the production of urban bodies, has its headquarters located in the city of São Paulo and the industrial park in the city of Botucatu, SP, with a total area of ​​445,000 m² and 101,000 m² of building area. It has about 3000 employees in direct jobs in the factory, participating in the growth of the industrial pole of the region and Brazil. Its production capacity is 40 bodies per day.

Areas of activity: Nationwide and in countries such as South Africa, Angola, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, Peru, Dominican Republic, Tahiti, Trinidad Tobago, among others.

In 1946, the company Caio began its activities already as a bus builder and, in 1982, the Botucatu factory was officially inaugurated. In January 2001, a new group, made up of people transportation companies, assumed, through the company Induscar, the manufacturing plant and the right to use and trade the products of the Caio brand. The group also operates in the sale of commercial vehicles, chassis for buses, trucks and domestic and imported automobiles. In March 2009, Induscar became the owner of the Caio brand and manufacturing plant. Today is Caio Induscar.

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