The Center Ônibus

  The Center Ônibus, ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, provides parts and accessories for urban buses, buses and minibuses of all automakers, among them: Comil, Neobus, Caio, Mascarello, Irizar, etc. We have been in this segment for more than 30…

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Social Responsability

The Center Ônibus supports the NCCV (Christian Citizenship and Life Center), the organization welcomes children and adolescents, promoting access to education, culture, sports, vocational courses, ministering to minors separated from their families for protection measures and women victims of domestic…

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Among the parts that we commercialize are: Headlights, lanterns, rear-view mirrors, reactors, switches, rods, vanes and mechanisms for windscreen wipers, profiles, galvanized and aluminum frames and frames, bumpers, doors, drivers and passengers, carpets, rubber, locks, valves, bumper dampers, security cameras,…

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